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Embracing the Pay-Per-PR Paradigm You exclusively invest in tangible outcomes and assured placements, with a full refund guarantee incorporated into all our packages in case of publication unavailability.

Distinguishing Tier 1 from Tier 2 Articles

Tier 1 Articles: Renowned publications such as NY Times, Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, International Business Times, TNW, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Mashable, Inc., boasting distinguished reputations.

Tier 2 Articles: Encompassing platforms like Yahoo, Disrupt, Influencive, Marketwatch, and more, which enjoy a commendable but moderate reputation in the media landscape.

Pricing Plan

Simple Pricing For Everyone

Get the most of effetive PR Strategy, gaining Organic reach for almost everything.


A60 Days

News PR Media Article writting includes

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  • 2 X Tier 1 Publications
  • 4 X Tier 2 Publications
  • Targeted Traffic
  • SEO Support
  • Free PR Strategy


S / 30 Days

Best for Startups, Entrepreneurs

Chose Starter
  • 1 X Tier 1 Publication
  • 2 X TIer 2 Publications
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Complimentary SEO


Get a customized plan

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  • Everything in Pro Plan, plus:
  • Media & Interview
  • Influencers
  • Collabration
  • News Paper Publications


Best for Startup, Business & Founders

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  • 1 x Celebrity Collab
  • 1 x Interview
  • Level-B Influencer


Get a customized plan

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  • 1 x Celebrity Collab
  • 3 x Interview
  • Level-A Influencer
  • 3x Tier-1 Publication
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Complimentry Content Marketing


No ongoing commitments, no ongoing fees. Enjoy savings of up to twice as much as a typical PR Agency. You only pay for actual outcomes!

Financial Assurance

We strictly operate on a pay-per-PR model. Your payment is solely tied to results, not outreach efforts. You receive a full refund if we do not secure your publication.

Efficient Communication

Receive timely notifications, engage with our public relations specialists, and track project schedules and advancements on Monday.

Work Process

Our Work Process

From data collection and analysis to the creation of tailored solutions, we ensure efficient results delivered to clients with precision and expertise.



Collect relevant data and information.



Examine the gathered data for insights.



Generate tailored solutions or content.



Transmit the finalized results or products to clients.

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